First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Toni Jaeson Viray Muceros, Cuanang Arcibal and Jaeson Muceros

God is great! Thank God for the crystal clear blue skies at our Aerodrome despite PAGASA’s sighting of Typhoon Paeng lingering in Northern Luzon AOR as flight training at LEIAAI geared up to take advantage of a safe and flyable condition all month long. Aparrently, today was one unforgettable episode indeed for three (3) of Leading Edge’s courageous flightless eaglets who gently ruffled their fragile feathers and strengthen their respective frail wings, soared high across the unlimited horizon of San Fernando Airport, La Union and achieved the most coveted highlight of their early flying careers, the unforgettable 1st Solo Flight. This sunny Thursday, September 27, 2018 on a very good weather condition, with runway 190° in use headwind, three (3) young and daring eaglets successfully made their respective 1st Solo Flights in succession. This morning, on or about 0910H, flying RP-C7530, a good looking slim 23 year old Air Force Brat Student Pilot Toni Jaeson Viray Muceros from AFPOVAI, Phase 7, Taguig City was released for 1st Solo by Capt Philmer Powao. While almost an hour later, on or about 1000H, flying RP-C7653, 25 year old SP Paul Dominic Cuanang Arcibal from nearby Batac, Ilocos Norte followed suit and was released by the Capt Ronald Nario. The last and 3rd Soloist for the day is SP Franz Dominic Codinera Bautista, a ruggedly handsome Cebuano flying RP-C8054 successfully made it on or about 1115H courtesy of Capt Elcid Tolentino. Clearly, the trio batchmates proved to one and all that no amount of extreme pressure could thwart their burning passion to make it as future certified blue blooded aviators. Incidentally, today’s three (3) 1st Soloists came from the 24 strong Batch Foxtrot 2018 with different courses and schools. SP Jaeson Muceros who’s one of the lucky few ACDI scholars, is a BS Marketing and Advertising graduate of Asia Pacific College, while, SP Paul Arcibal is a product of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, BS Marine Engineering Course and finally, SP Franz Bautista is a BS Nursing graduate of the University of Cebu.
Once again, the Leading Edge Family would like to extend its warm and heartfelt congratulations to the three (3) 1st Soloists for the day for attaining the most significant events in their early flying careers, “1st Solo Flight”, an unforgettable once in a lifetime thrilling experience! Henceforth, the lucky triumvirate are now fully equipped to safely takeoff in exploring and conquering the infinite vastness of the horizon as well as the clear blue skies of SFLU, the home sanctuary of the Eagles’ Nest of Leading Edge’s flyboys. May God, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and Master of the Destinies of Men guide and bless all your flights to the great beyond, so that you may fly back to your loved ones in one piece! (Pilots’ Prayer) Happy flying and have a SAFE Flight always! Cheers & God bless!