First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Levin Anthony Estole Dimayuga, Carlo Dacquil Baccay and Charles Marthone Bantugan Sanchez

After a very successful conduct of the school’s Pilot Training in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 with a remarkable, record-breaking achievement in terms of additional trainer aircraft in our fleet from 10 to 18, upsurge in the number of student pilots and flight instructors which practically doubled and correspondingly translated into the highest flying time compared to the same period last year. Incidentally, the school recorded the highest flying time in a month last September 2018 logging a total of 1,985.70 flying hours breaking the previous record of 1,953.97 FH last July also this year, a very commendable historical event indeed. Despite the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong which affected our AOR for two (2) days, the momentum in our flight training was obviously compensated by very clear weather condition all month long. Apparently, this positive development continued this October when three (3) lucky members of Batch Foxtrot 2018 attained the most memorable event in their early flying careers by successfully making their 1st Solo Flights in succession this Tuesday morning September 2, 2018 on a clear blue skies at SFLU. First to solo, on or about 0840H, flying RP-C7530 is 21 year old Student Pilot Levin Anthony Estole Dimayuga from Padre Garcia, Batangas and a graduate of De La Salle University, Manila, AB Sports Studies courtesy of Capt Philmer Powao in just 13.4 flying hours. Ten (10) minutes later, on or about 0850H, flying RP-C7669, 25 year old SP Charles Marthone Bantugan Sanchez from Las Piñas and likewise a graduate once again of De La Salle University followed suit and made it in just 13.1 FH courtesy of Capt Retz Moon Briones. Again after 10 minutes, flying RP-C8249 on or about 0900H is 24 year old SP Carlo Dacquil Baccay, a very fortunate ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative scholar from Ilagan City, Isabela and a graduate of Philsca, BS Aeronautical Engineering became the 3rd 1st Soloist courtesy of Capt Vlad Evangelista. Hopefully, weather permitting, completion of the PPL Flight Training Phase for the 24 strong Batch Foxtrot 2018 will be accelerated in due time. Obviously, as always Flight Safety is LEIAAI’s primordial concern and considered paramount in all our flight training operations. Apparently, it is our resolve that at no instance, LEIAAI must and will never sacrifice Flight SAFETY and STANDARDS in achieving the programmed goals and objectives.
Once again, congratulations to the three (3) lucky 1st Soloists for the day, Levine, Charles and Bacs for achieving the most significant milestone in your early flying careers. Likewise, same accolades goes to all the proud and very supportive parents for the sacrifice and sincere efforts in inspiring the 3 young and daring aviators in fulfilling their cherished dreams of a lifetime, to be certified Commercial Airline Pilots in the near future. Happy Flying and have a Safe Flight always! Cheers and God bless!