First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Leo Cueto Mercado

There is no way of stopping the momentum of releasing our flight school’s young and daring flightless eaglets for 1st solo flights at the training hub of Leading Edge’s Eagles’ Nest in San Fernando Airport, La Union! Fortunately, despite the prevailing unpredictable wind condition nationwide caused by Amihan, LEIAAI’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) at Poro Pt., SFLU remains safe and flyable as a result of a crystal clear blue skies setting! Once again this morning, on or about 0930H, March 13, 2018, 24 year old Student Pilot Leo Cueto Mercado of San Jose, Batangas flying RP-C1300, achieved the highlight of his early flying career, “1st Solo Flight” within 16.9 flying hours courtesy of Senior Fl, Capt Elcid “Botchoy” Tolentino. Incidentally, the brand new 1st soloist who finished his BS Electrical Engineering course, is now included in the growing list of UST graduates aspiring to successfully make it as a future commercial airline pilots, currently the most glamorous and lucrative career locally and internationally.
Congratulations SP Leo Mercado for effectively making it in the elite list of certified flyboys of Leading Edge. Remember, this is just the start of your climb and climbing turn maneuvers, numerous power on/off stalls as well as touch and gos. Bear in mind that knowledge, skills, guts coupled with the more essential basic elements of discipline, hard work and dedication will propel you to greater heights in your quest for a bright future in the Aviation Industry! Happy flying and have a Safe Flight always! God bless and Cheers!