First Solo Flight of Student Pilot David Trevor Winkle

To date, LEIAAI was indeed fortunate to be a beneficiary of countless blessings from the high heavens – achieving flight training operations at a maximum capacity as far as our bold forecast is concerned. We were principally delighted with the prevalence of generally good weather condition despite Amihan or northeast monsoon, a 4th quarter weather phenomenon. This situation resulted to positive variance on programmed flying time to date this 2018 compared to the same period last year. It’s good that since the start of the year, the school was indeed lucky to have generated a total of almost 200 new student pilots (Zero Time) and a significant number of CPL-IR-FIC students as well as transferees and those who have availed of the build-up time program. The surge in the total number of student pilots is obviously a positive development which is considerably beneficial for LEIAAI’s low key celebration of the 11th Founding Anniversary yesterday, December 4, 2018. Likewise, this Wednesday, December 5, 2018 is one very special date for Student Pilot David Trevor Winkle, a 34 year old Fil-British national and a product of Ridge Danyers College (UK), Business Studies/IT graduate who attained the litmus test of a career in aviation, the “1st Solo Flight” courtesy of the Head of Pilot Training himself, Capt Vladimir Evangelista on or about 0900H flying RP-C8249. Incidentally, the brand new 1st Soloist for the day who now resides in Sucat, Parañaque is the 6th soloist among the 19 strong Batch Hotel 2018 and ironically, the 1st Soloist for the month of December made it within 10 flying hours, a very commendable feat for presolo students. Aparrently, this early success of David has firmed up his self-confidence as far as individual flying skills and knowledge are concerned. Henceforth, officially, the brand new 1st Soloist for the day may now be counted among the current breed of Leading Edge’s young and daring eaglets cleared for takeoff with the primary objective to explore and conquer the infinite vastness of the horizon and the clear blue skies of SFLU where the home sanctuary of the Eagles’ Nest of the Leading Edge is situated.
Once again, congratulations SP David Winkle for reaching the most coveted pinnacle in your early flying career, the unforgettable “1st Solo Flight”. Kudos as well to the proud and very supportive parents, well done! Remember, this is just the start of the rigorous climb and climbing turns towards your very challenging and exciting aviation profession! Happy Flying and have a Safe Flight always!Cheers and God bless!