First Solo Flight of Students Shieldon Jarin Castillo and Daniella Re-an De Guzman Reyes

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF). When it rains it pours! Not rain water, but the sustained flight training operations as well as the incessant soloing of newly reported flightless eaglets at LEIAAI’s training hub at San Fernando Airport, La Union. Apparently, this very clear weather Friday morning, March 29, 2019, a historical record breaking event transpired with the school logging an aggregate total of 2,565.02 flying hours on the last flying day this March, making it the highest flying time in a month. Likewise, today two (2) talented members of the 16 strong PPL Batch 19-01 successfully achieved their respective 1st Solo Flight, the most unforgettable highlight of their early flying careers on a very clear morning with a bang. It must have really been a very lucky TGIF for these newly reported flightless eaglets as soloing for the twosome occurred 15 minutes in succession. First to solo courtesy of Senior FI, Capt Moises Tolentino on or about 0910H, flying RP-C7102 was the goodlooking Student Pilot Shieldon Jarin Castillo, a 23 year old native of Kawit, Cavite and an AMT graduate of PATTS College of Aeronautics. Barely 15 minutes later, flying RP-C8249 on or about 0925H, a pretty female student, SP Daniella Re-an De Guzman Reyes, 20 years old from Pacific Residences, Taguig City and a Business Management graduate of De La Salle University followed suit courtesy of the Head of Pilot Training himself, Capt Vladimir Evangelista. Incidentally, the two (2) very young 1st Soloists this TGIF are not only batchmates but also successfully soloed within 12 flying hours before solo, a commendable feat indeed! Henceforth, with the sterling accomplishment of reaching the most coveted feat in aviation the 1st Solo Flight, the tandem may now plot a flight plan towards a very bright, glamorous & rewarding profession! But in doing so, it would mean a long and winding career pattern in the highest degree and strictly practicing the culture of discipline, hard work, courtesy, integrity, due diligence, passion, patience, etc… all pre-requisites in getting employed in the very stiff competition in the Aviation Industry. Furthermore, the hectic flight training will be full of ups and downs, turbulent weather, series of touch and go’s, climb and climbing turns, power on/off stalls, airworks, simulated emergency force landing maneuvers, cross country navigation flights, instrument flying, etc….
Once again, Congrats to all the hardworking men and women of the Leading Edge Family for attaining the historical record breaking achievement in logging the Highest Flying Time in one (1) month this March 2019 as well as to the two (2) very lucky TGIF 19-01 batchmates, Student Pilots Don Castillo & Re-an Reyes. Welcome to the club of the elite members of the young and daring eaglets ready for safe takeoffs and landings to fully explore and conquer the infinite vastness of the horizon and clear blue skies of SFLU, where the Eagles’ Nest of Leading Edge is situated. Kudos likewise to the proud and very supportive parents, well-done! Have a happy and Safe Flight always! Cheers and God bless!