First Solo Flight of Students John Henry Mendoza Tan and Anna Rixie Avecilla

As expected, two (2) of the newly reported flightless eaglets at LEIAAI’s Pilot training hub successfully achieved their first solo flights on a weekend, a Friday and a Saturday, the peak of the Annual Sillag Festival celebration hosted by the Poro Point Management Corporation (PPMC). Last Friday, April 5, 2019 on an unusually cloudy weather condition, Student Pilot John Henry Mendoza Tan, a dashing 22 year old native down south of Cagayan de Oro City and a BS Civil Engineering graduate of De La Salle University, Manila soloed on or about 0925H courtesy of Capt RJ Tejada on board RP-9459. The following day, a Saturday, April 6, 2019, SP Anna Rixie Avecilla, a very charming 24 year old lass from nearby San Juan, La Union within the traffic pattern and a BS Medical Technology graduate of Pines City Colleges was released for solo by Capt Elcid Tolentino on or about 0905H flying RP-C8054. Apparently, both 1st Soloists, considered as Weekend Warriors of the school are the lucky 7th and 8th members of the 16 strong Batch 19-01 who achieved their 1st Solo Flights in a striking fashion, commendably making it in just 10.05 and 11.05 flying hours respectively. Incidentally, both soloists attained this unforgettable feat by virtue of their sheer discipline, hard work, passion and guts to make their initial dreams come true in style. Thus, effective immediately, the brand new 1st Soloists this weekend may now be included in the elite short list of the young and daring flightless eaglets cleared for safe takeoff, duly authorized to explore and conquer the infinite vastness of the horizon and the clear blue skies of San Fernando Airport, La Union.
Once again, Congratulations to the two (2) Weekend Warriors, Student Pilots John Henry Tan and Anna Rixie Avecilla for achieving the most significant highlight of a career in aviation, the unforgettable 1st Solo Flight! Same accolades as well to the proud and very supportive parents, well-done! Just don’t forget, that this accomplishment is just the beginning of the long and winding flight plan, touch and go’s, airworks, climb and climbing turns, cross country navigation, instrument flying, forced-landing emergency procedures, etc… towards your dream of a lifetime in becoming a commercial airline pilot in the near future. Happy flying and have a Safe Flight always! Cheers and God bless!