First Solo Flight of Student Ralph Justin Caragan Cancio

There is no stopping LEIAAI in it’s upward thrust to a grand take-off and airlift to the m any wonders of flight training at San Fernando Airport, La Union, the Eagles’ Nest and home-sanctuary of our young aviators. Maybe by Divine Providence, the prevailing good weather condition as well as the onset of summer days experienced by the flight school for a prolonged period of time is considerably a blessing from the high heavens! Thus, on a very clear sunny Friday morning on or about 0850H, on board RP-C7530, a young and daring 26 year old resident of Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City, Student Pilot Ralph Justin Caragan Cancio made it as the 1st Soloist for the day but also in the 18 strong Batch Foxtrot 2018. The ruggedly handsome and dashing 1st Soloist for the day, who’s a BS Eterpreneurial graduate of the University of Santo Tomas was confidently released for 1st solo by Senior FI, Capt Philmer Powao within the standard flying time before solo! Incidentally, SP Ralph Cancio should have soloed much earlier except that he fractured his ankle playing basketball before the start of his flight training. Apparently, this delayed success by the brand new 1st Soloist for the day would mean hard work, patience, discipline and focus as the main ingredients in strengthening his frail feathers and wingspan to eventually fulfill the most cherished dream of every young and daring aviator to be a certified commercial airline pilot!
Once again, congratulations SP Ralph Justin Cancio for attaining the most significant highlight of your early flying career, the unforgettable 1st Solo Flight. Likewise, kudos to the very proud and supportive parents! Have a happy & Safe flight always. May the good Lord, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and Master of the destinies of men bless you in your flight plan to a very bright flying career! Cheers!