First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Paul Hideo Guerrero Lontoc

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)! There is no way of stopping the momentum of releasing our flight school’s young and daring flightless eaglets for 1st solo flights at the training haven of Leading Edge’s Eagles’ Nest in San Fernando Airport, La Union! Fortunately, due to the prevailing favorable weather condition over LEIAAI’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) for the month of October, SFLU remains conducive for flight training as a result of the unlimited horizon as well as crystal clear blue skies setting! Once again this morning for three (3) straight days, soloing is the name of the game at our training hub. Thus this morning, a TGIF, flying RP-C6923 on or about 1030H, October 19, 2018, another member of the 24 strong Batch Foxtrot 2018, 23 year old Makati resident, Student Pilot Paul Hideo Guerrero Lontoc successfully achieved his 1st Solo Flight courtesy of Senior Flight Instructor, Capt JC Asuncion. Apparently, the dashing brand new 1st Soloist for today who is a product of Flight School International, BS AMT, performed outstandingly well was released for 1st solo in just 11.5 flying hours, a commendable feat indeed!
Once again, congratulations SP Deo Lontoc for achieving the highlight and dream of all young and daring aviators, the unforgettable “1st Solo Flight” and effectively making it in the elite short list of certified Flying Eagles of Leading Edge. Always keep in mind, that this is just the beginning of your long and winding flight plan, air works, climb and climbing turn maneuvers, numerous power on/off stalls, navigation flights, instrument flying as well as touch and gos towards a very lucrative point of destination. Furthermore, knowledge, skills, guts coupled with the more essential basic elements of discipline, hard work, due diligence and dedication will propel you to greater heights in your quest for a very bright future in the aviation industry! Happy flying and have a Safe Flight always! Cheers & God bless!