First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Kristian “Ading” Asuncion


As expected, another one of the newly reported flightless eaglets at our flight school successfully accomplished his first solo flight with a bang! On the occasion of the Chinese New Year and a very clear weather Tuesday morning, on or about 1000H, Feb 5, 2019, Student Pilot Kristian “Ading” Asuncion, a good looking Air Force Brat & member of the 12 strong Batch Juliet 2019, successfully made his “1st Solo Flight” within the standard flying time. The very likeable and competent Head of Pilot Training himself, Capt Vlad Evangelista released the subject student pilot flying RP-C7653 by virtue of safe landings and inherent flying skills. Apparently, the lucky ACDI scholar, who’s currently a resident of Soldiers’ Hills, Muntinlupa City and whose roots come from Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, is a product of STI Global City, BS Nursing, attained this exemplary feat by virtue of sheer passion and guts to make his childhood dream come true in style. Moreover, Ading, fondly called by his immediate family and relatives, is the younger brother of Capt Jose Carlos “JC” Asuncion, who’s one of the most revered Senior Flight Instructor of LEIAAI. Obviously the closeness of the siblings must have been the primary reason why flying runs in the blood of the brand new 1st Soloist for the day. Incidentally, Ading is one of the four(4) sons of the recently demised Col Joel Asuncion PAF (Ret), a very dedicated loving father and once upon a time Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the ACDI Multi Purpose Cooperative, who must be beaming with pride and joy up there in Heaven. Thus, the brand new 1st Soloist may now be included in the elite short list of the young and daring flightless eaglets ready for safe takeoff to explore the infinite vastness of the horizon as well as the clear blue skies of San Fernando Airport, La Union, the home sanctuary and Eagles’ Nest of Leading Edge.
Once again, congratulations SP Kristian “Ading” Asuncion for achieving the highlight and most unforgettable feat in your early flying career, “1st Solo Flight”! And of course, kudos as well to the very proud and supportive Asuncion Family clan & siblings. Have a Happy and Safe Flight always! Cheers and God bless!✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️