First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Alley Tumulak Berdin lll

For the 3rd consecutive day, another very young student pilot made it in the elite short list of 1st Soloists for the month of October 2018. Flying RP-C1300, a 22 year old ruggedly handsome Cebuano, Student Pilot Alley Tumulak Berdin lll, successfully achieved the most significant event of his early flying career by gaining the trust and confidence of his assigned Checker, Capt Elcid Tolentino. The brand new 1st Soloist, who hails from Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu and a product of the University of San Carlos, BS Information and Communication Technology was released for 1st Solo Flight on or about 1000H, October 25, 2018 within the standard flying time for pre-solo students. A member of the growing number of Batch Foxtrot 2018 who are currently making it in the few, young and daring short list of 1st Soloists, SP Buddy Boy Berdin may now focus in plotting a flight plan in attaining his once in a lifetime dream of becoming a certified commercial airline pilot in the near future. Apparently, flying runs in the veins of the 1st Soloist for the day as his dad, Capt Alley Berdin Jr. aka “Birdman” is a member of the Aviation Cadet PAF Flying School Class 90, a seasoned chopper pilot and skydiver enthusiast and currently a Captain in Cebu Pacific Air. Furthermore, aside from SP Berdin’s 1st Solo achievement, is the historical breaking feat by LEIAAI as the highest flying time in one (1) month of 1,985.70 flying hours recorded last September was broken today when the school logged a total of 2,041.07 FH with still four (4) flying days remaining this October, a very memorable event indeed!
Once again, congratulations SP Buddy Boy Berdin, the toast of today’s new breed of cat who can now fly through the air while others will have to walk on the ground by hurdling the 1st obstacle in the long and winding itinerary to the very glamorous and rewarding career! Kudos likewise to the proud and very supportive parents, Jun Birdman and Vangie Berdin for a job well-done! Have a happy and Safe Flight always. Cheers & God bless!