First Solo Flight of Student Pilot

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) is an appropriate slogan today, January 25, 2019 for Leading Edge as the 1st member of the 11 strong Batch India 2018 successfully accomplished the most significant level of his early flying career, the very critical 1st Solo Flight with a bang. On or about 0910H, flying RP-C8249, Student Pilot Gianne Angelo Rolloda Valdez was released for Solo by the very competent HOT himself, Capt Vlad Evangelista in just 10.1 flying hours. The 20 year old resident of Project 8, Quezon City is a BS Air Transportation graduate of PATTS College of Aeronautics. Incidentally, the brand new 1st soloist for the day on a TGIF impressed the assigned checker as far as skills and outstanding performance are concerned. As a matter of policy, the school have set 10 hours and above as a safety feature in releasing students for 1st Solo to discourage competition, an unsafe practice and tradition. Apparently, release for solo flights will only be officially implemented when safety and standards have been achieved by pre-solo students which were religiously complied last CY 2018.
Once again, congratulations SP Gelo Valdez, the 1st Soloist of Batch India 2018 for successfully achieving the highlight of your early flying career, attaining it with flying colors! Kudos likewise to the proud and ever supportive parents for a job well-done in raising a very promising son in Gelo! Happy flying & have a Safe flight always. Cheers & God bless!