Congratulations to Student Pilot Alvin James Maslog Janson

The dashing 29 year old Cebuano bachelor-at-large, Student Pilot Alvin James Maslog Janson who was released for 1st Solo Flight in just 8.4 Flying Hours last year June 28, 2018 recently passed his Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) checks on Jan 17 and Jan 24, 2019 respectively with flying colors. This outstanding achievement by Alvin is considered highly commendable since he proved to one and all that no amount of delays beyond his control could thwart his burning desire and passion to make it as a certified blue blooded aviator. Today’s toast of Leading Edge, Capt Alvin Janson who’s a classic example of a very dedicated and hardworking student pilot is incidentally a Nursing graduate of the University of the Visayas, finished the complete course PPL-CPL-IR for a span of 8 months, an exceptional feat indeed! Apparently, Capt Alvin Janson officially reported at LEIAAI for PPL ground schooling last May 21, 2018, started flying on June 20, 2018 and successfully stepped up his Pilot Training, soloing on June 28, 2018, hurdling his PPL check on August 28, 2018, his CPL check on Jan 17, 2019 and finally, finishing his IR check today, Jan 24, 2019 or exactly within an eight (8) month period, a phenomenal historical feat almost breaking the seven (7) months record set by Capt Jessie Valdez, now flying with PALEX in 2016.
Once again, the Leading Edge Family is beaming with pride and would like to honor Capt Alvin Janson for distinctly attaining the pinnacle in one’s flying career, finishing the complete course PPL-CPL-IR in just 8 months, considered outstanding for every young and daring aviator to emulate. Kudos likewise to the proud and very supportive parents. May the Almighty God, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and Master of the Destinies of Men guide and bless all your flights to the great beyond, so that you may fly back to your loved ones in one piece! Happy flying and have a SAFE Flight always! Cheers & God bless!