First Solo Flight of Student Jose Francisco E. Tabia

It was a memorable day for our 24-year-old LEIAAI Eaglet for he successfully had his first solo flight. Student Pilot (SP) Jose Francisco E. Tabia was released o/a 0915H by Senior Flight Instructor and LEIAAI’s Chief Flight Instructor, Capt. Philmer Powao. He used the aircraft RP-C6535 in flying. SP Tabia hails from Paranaque City and is an alumnus of De la Salle University Manila with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. He is a member of PPL Batch 01-2020.

The Leading Edge family would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to SP Tabia for attaining the most significant event in his early flying career! Happy flying and have a safe flight always! Kudos also to his proud and very supportive parents. Cheers & God bless!