First Solo Flight of SP John Lorenzo “Rois” David Briguez


One of the latest pre-solo student pilot of Batch Delta 2017 who reported late last month, SP John Lorenzo “Rois” David Briguez, 24 years old and a product of De La Salle Manila, accomplished the most coveted feat of his early flying career, the 1st Solo Flight courtesy of Senior Flight Instructor Capt Vladimir Evangelista this morning on or about 1010H July 10, 2017. The brand new 1st Soloist followed the footsteps of his elder brother, Darwin Paul Briguez, a 2012 LEIAAI alumnus and currently a First Officer of Cebu Pacific Air. Incidentally, subject student is the 2nd son of MGEN ROZZANO D BRIGUEZ AFP, Vice Commander PAF enrolled at our flight school. Obviously, flying runs in the blood. Despite the prevailing gusty wind as a result of the onset of the rainy season, SP Briguez effectively flew and skillfully managed to land safely Cessna 172, RP-C8056 which convinced the highly competent Flight Instructor to decisively release the 1st Soloist for the day. This once in a lifetime achievement was witnessed by the ever supportive proud parents and elder brother. Once again, SP Briguez proved to one and all that due diligence and hard work pays. Hence, he is now a legitimate member in the growing elite list of the young and daring eaglets cleared to plot a flight plan in exploring and conquer the vastness of the horizon and clear blue skies of San Fernando Airport, La Union, where the Eagles’ Nest home sanctuary of Leading Edge flyboys is located.
🔹✈️ Once again, congratulations to the 1st Soloist for the day for reaching the high heavens and attaining the most significant event in a pilot’s career, the unforgettable “1st Solo Flight”. Happy flying and have a Safe Flight always! Good luck and God bless! CHEERS!!!