First Solo Flight of Ferrer


As expected, after a ten (10) day lull in soloing, Student Pilot Kevin Faicol Ferrer, a member of Batch “Bravo” 2017, effectively achieved the highlight of his early flying career, “1st Solo Flight”. SP Kevin Ferrer, a namesake of a famous PBA Rookie 2017, with a total number of 16.5 flying hours was released for solo this morning on or about 9:30 am, May 29, 2017 by Senior Flight Instructor, Capt Vlad Evagelista. With this personal memorable feat, the brand new 1st Soloist is now considered a certified member in the elite list of the young and daring eaglets fully equipped to explore and conquer the entire open horizon as well as the clear blue skies of San Fernando Airport, La Union, the home sanctuary of the Eagles’ Nest of Leading Edge. Now, just like the other breed of young eaglets of the flight school, in order for them to fully nurture their respective frail feathers into a fully grown and developed wingspan, training should be strictly practiced by heart and raised to the next level. Similar to the other prominent calling and careers, the conduct of education and training is a continuing process in the flying school business, where the culture of discipline, hard work and professionalism are main ingredients in surviving a very stiff and competitive career in the aviation industry. Thus, in order to realize the very lucrative and successful flying career to prosper, as early as now, student pilots at Leading Edge are highly encouraged to practice due diligence and proper study habits.

Once again, congratulations Student Pilot Kevin Ferrer & Capt Vlad Evagelista for a job well done! Happy Flying and have a Safe Flight always! God bless, Good Luck and CHEERS!!!