First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Clinton Borromeo Ros


Once again this morning, on or about 0950H, 17 July 2017, Student Pilot Clinton Borromeo Ros, a 24 year old Oragon pride of Daraga, Albay, BS Management graduate of Bicol University and a current PAL Cabin Crew on-leave, attained the most significant event of a Pilot career, “1st Solo Flight”! Flying Cessna 172M, RP-C8056 with Senior FI, Capt Vladimir Evangelista, subject SP, successfully soloed and proved that this rainy season of bad weather days is not in any way an obstacle to his burning desire to be a certified pilot. Incidentally, the brand new 1st Soloist for today had long enrolled sometime last year of January 2016 and personally worked very hard as a cabin crew to save finance his tuition fee and eventually pursue the glamorous career of someday becoming a commercial airline pilot. Actually, most of his batchmates have already completed the whole course, which comes as a motivation for him to rally, catch up and fly to the great heavens. Hence, effective this day, SP Clinton Ros will now be officially included in the elite list of the growing number of the young and daring eaglets ready for takeoff, whose destiny is to explore and conquer the vastness of the horizon as well as the clear blue skies of San Fernando Airport, La Union, home sanctuary of LEIAAI’s flyboys!
Once more, congratulations SP Clinton Borromeo Ros for the unforgettable feat in your very early flying career! This is just the beginning of your adventure to a rigorous and extensive flight plan in your quest for a lucrative profession in the aviation industry. Happy flying and have a Safe Flight always! God bless! CHEERS!!!