First Solo Flight of Student Pilot Christian Joseph Nuqui Tamayo

Today, which is Valentine’s Day, a 33 year old dashing behemoth, Student Pilot Christian Joseph Nuqui Tamayo from Las Villas de Manila, San Francisco, Biñan City made it as the 1st Soloist flying RP-C7669 courtesy of Capt Retz Moon Briones on or about 0930H, Feb 14, 2019. Apparently, the towering 1st Soloist for the day, who’s a graduate of BS Marketing and Advertising at Asia Pacific College is the 5th member from the 12 strong Batch Juliet 2019 to be officially included in the elite short list of the young and daring eaglets cleared for a safe takeoff to explore and conquer the infinite vastness of the horizon as well as the clear blue skies of SFLU. Similarly, Chris achieved the highlight of his early flying career in just 13.8 Flying Hours, a sterling feat for pre-solo student pilots. Likewise, with this unforgettable feat of a lifetime, the brand new 1st Soloist should realize that it is just the beginning of a very long and tedious flight plan, full of ups and downs, hard work, discipline, patience and due diligence to succeed in this glamorous and very rewarding career.
Once again, congratulations SP Chris Tamayo for a job well-done! Congrats likewise to the proud and very supportive parents, similarly to his lovely wife and dotting baby girl. Have a happy and Safe Flight always and Happy Valentine’s Day as well! Cheers & God bless!✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️