First Solo Flight of Pollicar

october_5_1The soloing season is on, thanks to the high heavens for the providential blessing of a continuous good weather despite the official declaration of the rainy season. Almost every day since last week, presolo students have regularly been released for 1st Solo Flights. Just like this morning, on or about 9:00 am, another flightless eaglet, Student Pilot Alzen Gabriel De Ocampo Pollicar, a product of Air Link, reached the most significant event of a career in aviation, 1st Solo Flight. Senior FI, Capt Lance Concepcion was so impressed on the skills and performance of SP Pollicar and without doubt released him in just 9.5 flying hours before solo. Thus, SP Al Pollicar may now unfurl his frail feathers, extend his wings and fly high to explore and conquer the vast horizon and clear blue skies of SFLU where the Eagles Nest of the Leading Edge is located.

Once again, congratulations to the brand new 1st Soloist for attaining the most sought after feat of any young and daring eaglet in the aviation industry, “1st Solo Flight!” Likewise, the same accolades to the proud and very supportive parents. Happy Flying and have a Safe Flight always! God bless and cheers!