First Solo Flight of Students Pilot Rae Alexei Guevarra and Daniel Ocampo

UPDATES: May 12, 2021- Wednesday was a memorable day for our two (2) LEIAAI eaglets as they successfully achieved their 1st solo flights one after the other. The first soloist is Student Pilot (SP) Rae Alexei Guevarra from Makati City. He graduated from Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila with a BS in International Travel & Tourism Management. The 25-year-old soloist was released o/a 0855H using RP-C1859 by Senior Flight Instructor & Safety Officer, Capt. Rets Moon D. Briones.
The succeeding soloist is SP Daniel Ocampo was released o/a 0950H using the aircraft RP-C7512 by Senior Flight Instructor, Capt. Robert Durano. He is a resident of Baguio City and an alumnus of the Saint Louis University – Baguio with a BS Degree in Electronics Engineering. SP Guevarra and SP Ocampo are both from PPL Batch 2021-01
A big congratulations to the two (2) soloists as well to your proud and very supportive parents! May God bless all your flights to the great beyond! Happy flying and have a safe flight always!