First Solo Flight of Briones

1st Solo Flights

For seven (7) consecutive flying days, release for 1st Solo Flights has become routine and a familiar event on a daily basis. Once again, this morning, on or about 0900H, Oct 6, 2016, another young and daring eaglet, Student Pilot Gerard Irvin Manuel Briones achieved the highlight of his early flying career, “1st Solo Flight” in just 12.5 flying hours before solo. Ironically, SP Gerard Briones is the 9th 1st Soloist within the 7 days flying period which on record is also a 1st at Leading Edge in it’s almost 9 years of existence.

Congratulations to the brand new 1st Soloist for a job well done and attaining the most unforgettable feat in a career in aviation. Happy Flying and have a Safe Flight always! God bless & Cheers!

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